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Paleo Diet for Athletes
  A proper diet, like the paleo diet for athletes, is about balance, variety, and the important nutrients for healthy maintenance and development. Of course, a good food plan must also offer delicious and tasty food because "taste is everything"! Otherwise, there's the temptation to fall off the wagon. There are plenty of diets that appeal to athletes; unfortunately many of them fail [...]
Gluten Free Paleo Breads
Sugar Free Breads Gluten free foods are gentle on the digestive tract   They are low in calories, good to add to any weight loss plan   They don't stay "glued" in the digestive system; no bloating They're a good substitute food for people with celiac disease These breads are extremely healthy and also an important item for those on a weight loss diet as an alternative to the usual heavy [...]
Favourite Paleo Chicken Recipes
Paleo Chicken Recipes for delicious, easy to make meals! Paleo chicken recipes often are the favourite amongst people who've transitioned to the paleo way of eating. The paleo diet has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and people are noticing that they feel better and much healthier because of it. Some of that may have to do with the reduction of carbohydrates and elimination of processed [...]
Gluten Free Food – Benefits
Are you searching for a diet that's free from foods that contain gluten? Do certain foods irritate your system? Are you an athlete with gluten intolerance and wanting to improve on your performance? If so, the paleo diet may be just what you're looking for to discover foods you need to help repair that condition. One of the main characteristics of the paleo diet is that it uses only gluten free [...]
Paleo Breakfasts – Starting Your Day With Energy!
Looking for delicious breakfast recipes because you know the importance of starting your day with this most important meal? Wholesome Paleo Breakfasts taste as wonderful as they look with colourful, fresh, plump fruits and berries, or fresh vegetables, and protein. The added protein completes these nutrient loaded meals whether it be eggs, a breakfast meat or a smoothie with hemp seed. For paleo [...]
What is the Paleo Diet? Your Questions Answered!
The Paleo diet is a food plan that is growing in popularity. It's high in protein and low in simple carbohydrates. It satisfies your appetite so you're less likely to crave junk food; and, it emphasizes eating naturally wholesome food, much like how the caveman ate. Grains, dairy, legumes and processed sugars are not included in this eating plan. So, to eat similarly to how the cavemen would have [...]
Sugar Cravings – How To Kick The Sugar Habit
Want to cure your sugar cravings? Have you been wishing you could kick the sugar habit in the butt and put a stop to your sugar cravings for good? If you really want to end cravings for the wrong kinds of sugar and replace them with wholesome food, you've definitely come to the right place. Expert tips help you take control of how much sugar you eat, how to satisfy your cravings with sugar [...]
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