Nikki Young - Author of Paleo Cookbooks

Nikki Young – Author of Paleo Cookbooks

Creative Paleo RecipesA creative flair for paleo foods:  Nikki Young, the author of “Paleo Cookbooks“, has a creative flair for putting together interesting, healthy paleo menus. She claims she “stumbled” upon paleo food though you would never imagine that after seeing her  recipes! The are well planned.

An emphasis on natural food:  She emphasizes that the paleo diet is designed by nature, not by the medical profession or nutritionists. It is ideal for nourishing the body on all levels, inside and out. It’s definitely not the latest weight loss program that leaves you craving for sugar or falling back to old ways and losing your hard earned gains.

Impressive recipes:  “With the Paleo Cookbooks, Nikki has taken everyday foods like crackers and hummus and given them a Paleo slant. For instance, she has recipes for hummus, which I absolutely love, but made with cashews or roasted pumpkin, instead of chickpeas.”

“What I really like about Nikki’s cookbook is that the recipes are simple and include tons of salads and fresh vegetables, along with several new omelet ideas (I love eggs!). I find the books to be the perfect blend of Paleo foods with healthy compromises” says Greg Battaglia, and I agree.

Nikki encourages you to use the healthiest, best ingredients ever.

Nikki states that when we choose foods that are full of nutrients, free-range and free from chemicals, toxins and additives, we are feeding the body and mind the best food for optimum health. It is also important to eliminate the foods that are harmful to the body which include dairy foods and grains.

This healthy, nutrient dense and balanced way of eating is how the human body is supposed to eat.

As such, all the positive results gained from following the foundation of paleo eating and living, seamlessly fall into place.

When you consume foods with the intention of feeding your body and providing it with energy, you are also building strong internal organs. This is a main focus Nikki Young adopts. Eating this way of course helps support longevity.

When you simultaneously eliminate the super processed, sugary foods that are now linked to many diseases we see today, your body gets a great boost. It is provided with the nutrition that will assist in normalizing your body weight and improving athletic performance and recovery.

We are designed to eat and live naturally off the land.  ”You and I are designed to eat and live off the land, to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat naturally from free roaming animals” claims Nikki.  ”This is the ultimate secret (which isn’t really a secret) to optimal health, losing weight, staying lean, improved performance, reduced risk of injury and faster recovery and healing”.

Even professional athletes who follow the paleo diet are saying they became even more lean, stronger and faster. Once they switched over to this real food, there was no turning back. They didn’t want to buy any of the junkie sports drinks or power bars. Their bodies wanted real food like what Nikki Young has so perfectly laid out in her Paleo Cookbooks.

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