Paleo Breakfasts - Starting Your Day With Energy!

Paleo Breakfasts – Starting Your Day With Energy!

Paleo BreakfastsLooking for delicious breakfast recipes because you know the importance of starting your day with this most important meal?

Wholesome Paleo Breakfasts taste as wonderful as they look with colourful, fresh, plump fruits and berries, or fresh vegetables, and protein. The added protein completes these nutrient loaded meals whether it be eggs, a breakfast meat or a smoothie with hemp seed. For paleo vegetarians, there are a number of healthy protein substitutes to choose from.

In a rush or running a little late in the morning?  No worries! You can still get a healthy start by making your morning smoothie with your protein powder and the exact same plump fruits and berries that are filled with vital nutrients! It’s a great meal plan to sustain you through the morning while keeping your mind alert.

Counting calories? Even if you are closely watching calories to lose weight, this kind of breakfast is not calorie loaded or restrictive and it’s quick and easy to make.

This is a breakfast that will supply you with the energy you need to positively start your day. You will not feel deprived and you will certainly not leave the table feeling  hungry. Nor will you be eating unhealthy foods laden with fat and sugars. In fact, the paleo diet is not only filled with nutrients, it’s a balanced meal that’s perfect for building and maintaining a lean, healthy body. The ingredients will help you eliminate any extra weight or extra fat.

Proteins play a very important role when preparing breakfasts the paleo way, since protein makes up about 70% of it. The Paleo Breakfast also includes a balance of fruits, vegetables, seeds and healthy oils. Most importantly, it doesn’t contain wheat, processed sugar or dairy foods of any kind. Eating a healthy breakfast like this enables you to lose weight gradually and keep it off; and, importantly, it helps maintain balanced levels of blood sugar.

What goes into a healthy paleo breakfast?  Here are some ideas and ingredients for preparing a healthy paleo style breakfast.

  • 2 poached eggs on a bed of steamed spinach; decorated with slices of pineapple and melon
  • 2-egg omelette filled with your favourite vegetables, topped with mushrooms
  • A bowl of berries and fruit sprinkled with nuts and topped with cashew cream
  • A fruit and protein smoothie combined with seeds and an essential fatty acid
  • Grilled fish with tomatoes, mushrooms and sweet potato hash

Bread substitutes are lighter and healthier for you.  You don’t have to leave out the bread, just the wheat and gluten! If you’re longing to reach for that piece of bread you can use a bread substitute by adding a home baked bread or muffin made with almond flour or coconut flour or both. This is a great alternative to the regular gluten loaded products and very compatible with your digestive system.

I’ve seen kids use flour to make a pasty glue for their paper mache projects! That’s how glutenous grains become inside our bodies, all pasty and sticky and hard to move through our system. We want to avoid that at all cost and there’s lots of alternative, gluten free flours to create wonderful, light breads and other baked items that still satisfy our appetites and tastes.

Even within this short list there’s a variety of foods to choose from to make your perfect morning meal. You will not feel deprived eating Paleo Breakfasts and they’re certain to give you the boost you need to start your day.

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  1. Lukas Andrew says:

    Can you please tell me what food has the most protein?

  2. Mou Kiz says:

    I was always very careful about my breakfast. Found some interesting new ideas here about eating for energy that I’ll give a try.

  3. Tina Luke says:

    I really knew very little about putting a balanced breakfast together for a perfect breakfast.
    A little more work than pouring cereal out of a box. I understand better now. Thanks for sharing!

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