Sebastien Noel - The "Paleo Guru" Exposed

Sebastien Noel – The “Paleo Guru” Exposed

Sebastien NoelNutrition and fitness have not always been a way of life for Sebastien Noel

As today’s recognized author of the Paleo Recipe Book, Sebastien’s interest in optimum nourishment from food developed after suffering with very poor health.  His book was he results of his debilitating health issues which included allergies, painful leaky gut syndrome, poor nourishment and a problem gaining weight.

It was these serious health concerns that caused Sebastien to turn to an alternative life style and in a health oriented direction. Today, he is considered one of the “go-to” guys when it comes to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

How did he ultimately come to this combination?

It all started with a certain way of eating and cooking known as the paleo diet. It’s based on gathering natural, wholesome foods and a natural way of eating and living, styled after our paleolithic ancestors. The Paleo Recipe book is based on this concept and is considered a number one guide to preparing and eating natural foods, coming in their purest form, directly from nature.

If you were to see Sebastien today, you would not realize that poor health once plagued his life. He was virtually forced to make a lifestyle change to steer his life in the right direction.  From there, he regained his health and experienced a weight gain that was much needed in regards to health and most importantly for life!

What is the concept of the paleo diet one may ask? 

It’s term is taken from the paleolithic age, coined as a “paleo” way of eating, and refers to the diet of the cavemen of that age. All foods in such a diet are said to be natural and each food item is chosen with the intention of supporting one in good health throughout their life as opposed to what we term ‘junk food’ which is not good for our bodies.

So, what are some foods that one might be recommended to eat during their paleo diet experience? 

Foods such as whole eggs, lean meats and organ meats like liver, also seafood, organic vegetables, especially greens,  and some fresh fruits, are some of the foods that will occupy the kitchen of those who follow the diet. The kitchen should be emptied of items such as the infamous sugar loaded snacks, cakes and candies, products like peanuts, and even grains such as barley and wheat.

The diet alone is not going to be enough for ultimate health! 

In order to maximize health one must keep other components in check. A healthy mind and a healthy immune system can go a long way as well. These will be seen throughout the paleo diet and one might be surprised at how a good night of sleep also plays an important role. Get rid of stress and of course get a healthy amount of exercise throughout the week.

What have been the results throughout the years of those who followed Sebastien’s paleo diet? 

The success stories abound! Those who’ve followed the plan have seen healthy changes in things such as lowered body fat and a healthy weight loss! Weight loss as the result of following the diet can vary but, it is not unlikely to experience substantial loss of unwanted weight in the first few months alone!

Many people who have experienced physical health benefits of the diet have also noticed positive changes in regards to stress levels! 

Although it may appear intimidating to make significant changes in the way we eat, when it is needed for supporting our health, it is a welcome change with positive end results. Thus, the intention of Sebastien Noel and the main focus of his prized book, the Paleo Recipe Book, would be to help people create the most healthy, positive choices in the way they eat and live so that they can maintain optimum health.

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