Sugar Cravings - How To Kick The Sugar Habit

Sugar Cravings – How To Kick The Sugar Habit

Stop Sugar CravingsWant to cure your sugar cravings?

Have you been wishing you could kick the sugar habit in the butt and put a stop to your sugar cravings for good?

If you really want to end cravings for the wrong kinds of sugar and replace them with wholesome food, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Expert tips help you take control of how much sugar you eat, how to satisfy your cravings with sugar alternatives, and tricks that will help you overcome the sugar habit.

We like sweet tastes and we all know too much sugar is addictive.  A lot of people have a “sweet tooth” and industry takes advantage of that yearning.  Sugar is hidden in many foods, making them taste far from natural and more importantly, making them addictive as well.

One of the first steps toward overcoming longing for sugar is to recognize that it’s natural and it’s easy to change.  Not all sweet tasting foods are bad for us and there’s a number of good alternatives to processed sugar.  Lucky for us, sugar substitutes allow easy, effective ways to curb the cravings.

Choosing the paleo diet is a great place to start for wise choices and alternatives for cutting back on sugar and then out of your diet completely.

Early in our evolutionary history, sugary food sources meant more energy and stamina to hunt or, to run when being hunted!

Energy signified an increased chance of survival. Eating fruit meant there was more energy to outrun a hungry predator. Today, despite the lack of predators this mechanism of survival encourages one to go for that decadent cookie even when it’s not needed nutritionally.

1.  Throw away the sugary, processed foods.  

We reach for sugar as a quick pick-me-up to counter-balance meals lacking in proper nutrition. Instead, clean out all of your cupboards. Throw out the sugary foods. Create a high-protein meal with well-balanced nutrients that satisfy both your stomach and your brain.

Limiting the number of foods in your diet that are sugar loaded helps balance your daily intake of sugar and goes a long way to help reduce those cravings.

2.  Use sugar alternatives.  

The sugar alternatives that the paleo diet has to offer such as dates, fruits, natural substitutes, limited maple syrup and honey, are all considered healthy substitutes; however, they must be kept to a minimum as well.  Excessive sugar in any form will contribute to weight gain.

3.  Put a stop to sugar addiction.

Sugar is so addictive! Have you ever noticed that the more you eat it, the more you want; and, the less you include it in what you eat, the less you desire it.

Often people have noticed their craving diminishes if they eat something sour or salty instead of satisfying the sugar craving. When you crave sugar, choose a salty alternative and notice you no longer want the sugar.

Eating fermented foods like probiotics is a fantastic way to quickly diminish craving sugar. You can make your own or purchase them. Fermented foods are also paleo foods; before refrigeration, foods were naturally preserved through fermentation.

4.  Scrutinize labels on the foods you buy.

Modern food processing has saturated the food in the marketplace with an overabundance of harmful sugars; particularly, high fructose corn syrup. There are also many hidden sugars in foods that often go unnoticed, such as peanut butter, granola, and some beverages. These hidden sugars contribute to health problems and a decreased feeling of well-being.

Read the labels carefully and choose to leave the sugar loaded foods off your list and out of your cupboards.

5.  Upgrade your culinary skills.  

Become a culinary adventurer and experiment with replacing your usual processed sugar with natural equivalents. You will quickly find that you don’t miss the processed stuff, just the idea of it.

Combating sugar cravings involves understanding how you have been conditioned to want and accept excess sugar from the wrong sources and how you may even have become addicted to it.

With trial and error, creative culinary skills and support, you’ll soon have a repertoire of positive habits and recipes that successfully address your sugar cravings.


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  1. Sidney Thomas says:

    Oh man I’ve had such a hard time over the years trying to kick the sugar habit so I appreciate this info. It’s been really helpful. It’s awesome to have some sugar substitutes to fill in when the craving for sugar happens.

  2. Sam Dill says:

    Great info thanks a lot it seems the paleo diet is a good guide for children’s meals as well because it teaches them the tastes of healthy foods without sugar! Nice to steer my kids away from sugary foods and curb the sugar cravings.

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