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Paleo Cookbooks – Pros and Cons Revealed
If you've been looking for easy, healthy recipes that will help you create the body you desire, and stay lean and strong, you've come to the right place. Easy to prepare, healthy recipes makes Paleo Cookbooks a very wise choice.  Dozens of recipes in this very popular book guide you step-by-step to create colourful, nutritious and satisfying meals that help you feel and look younger. It's referred [...]
Nikki Young – Author of Paleo Cookbooks
A creative flair for paleo foods:  Nikki Young, the author of "Paleo Cookbooks", has a creative flair for putting together interesting, healthy paleo menus. She claims she "stumbled" upon paleo food though you would never imagine that after seeing her  recipes! The are well planned. An emphasis on natural food:  She emphasizes that the paleo diet is designed by nature, not by the medical profession [...]
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