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Sebastien Noel – The “Paleo Guru” Exposed
Nutrition and fitness have not always been a way of life for Sebastien Noel As today's recognized author of the Paleo Recipe Book, Sebastien's interest in optimum nourishment from food developed after suffering with very poor health.  His book was he results of his debilitating health issues which included allergies, painful leaky gut syndrome, poor nourishment and a problem gaining weight. It [...]
Paleo Recipe Book Review
This is no ordinary recipe book.  If your ultimate goal is to achieve maximum health benefits from the foods you eat, the Paleo Recipe Book is the book for you. This easy, step-by-step guide from Sebastien Noel explicitly leads you to create incredibly wholesome meals. It also teaches all about healthy eating for a long life and assists in the ultimate plan to stay lean and not put on extra fat [...]
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